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Build web pages that convert. Publish web pages using AI based automation.

Set up
Set up steps

First time set up

Here are one time set up steps :

KREATE runs your website on cloud - Azure/GCP/AWS. We recommend that you give KREATE-SUPPORT access to domain or let KREATE HOST DNS in Azure/GCP/AWS. If this is not possible, connect your domain to KREATE via the pointing method (cname in DNS).
Once set up you can focus on content writing. Your web desig, web pages and blog publishing will be at auto pilot.

Once domain is ready, you are ready to publish

Intelligent websites
Portable to any hosting
Low Prices
Our Differentiation

Build Data Product

Your content (text, images, video, slides, code samples) is your data. We build a data product for you. You can build a website, mobile app, chatbot using this data. With Kreate your website is not a collection of tag line. In traditional website you lose/change your content to match UI. With KREATE you keep building meaningful content. Website/Web app/Mobile app/chat bot use this content

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Robotic Automation

Use automation and generative AI to generate web templates with high accuracy. With automation you can generate multiple variations of landing pages

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Machine learning

Use advance machine learning to classify content, create keywords, create meta data, create description etc. Save time on catching up with SEO. Focus on content and users

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Win with search engine

As websites are built from content, these perform well for organic search. If Search engine change algorithm, KREATE can regenerate according to new algorithm

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Predictive Analysis

To publish at scale - KREATE can recommend or automatically suggest which pages or images should be shown together. It can match text with images/videos or vice versa

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Why Choose Us

We make best use of your data and content

Build website, inranet portal, apps, chatbot from same content

Build website
Build app
Build Chatbot


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Pages Built

We Have The Best Pre-Order Prices You Can Get

Set up your account and share email address. We will reach out to you to point domain to hosting. Then you can start publish content.

Standard Plan App

$10 / mo

  • Best for self employeed
  • Custom domain
  • Storage 4 GB
  • Free SSL
  • Premium Add-Ons
  • Priority customer support
  • More Options

Startup Plan

$19 / mo

  • Best for small business
  • Custom domain
  • Storage 8 GB
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited pages
  • Premium Add-Ons
  • Priority customer support
  • More Options

Premium Plan App

$39 / mo

  • Publish with prompts
  • Custom domain
  • Storage 100 GB
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited pages
  • Premium Add-Ons
  • Analytics Integration
  • More Options
Popular FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Use and buy package. Set up your domain and start publishing.

KREATE will immediately create website in few seconds and get hosting ready. If we have access to dyour domain, it will be set up too or you will have to point to us. After first time set up web pages will be generated and deployment will happen in less than < 5 min.

We can create HTML, React/Node js, ASPX , PHP website. For blog publishing HTML is portable and efficient.

Yes. Absolutely. One of advantage of generation is as new form factor and devices come, we can adapt KREATE engine. Accordingly your website pages will get generated without any development effort.

Yes we will support. If there is issue or downtime we will support. If you need custom fucntionality or development we can support that too.

yes, our solution is design for low cost.

Yes we will maintain site and ensure it is available 99%+ time.

Yes we can buy domain and point it your website. If you sign up for one year

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Travel, Sports, Real-Estate, Technology blogs and more

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